Lowepro – Droneguard Pro Inspired

1,999kr inkl. moms

Detta är ryggsäcken för dig som kräver det bästa när det kommer till skydd och vädertålighet

Lowepro – Droneguard Pro Inspired är en ryggsäck som erbjuder dig smarta lösningar med god funktionalitet


Dimensioner: 55 x 29 x 24cm (H x B x D)
Vikt: 2.1 kg

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Lowepro – Droneguard Pro Inspired

Lowepro – Droneguard Pro Inspired är ryggsäcken för dig som kräver det bästa när det kommer till skydd och vädertålighet. Ryggsäcken erbjuder dig smarta lösningar med god funktionalitet och hjälper dig att organisera alla dina tillhörigheter när du är på resa med din drönare.


Time to lose that huge case! Easily carry your DJI Inspire I or Inspire II over rugged terrain with the DroneGuard Pro Inspired backpack. This lightweight pack offers a unique carry system that increases maneuverability and functions like a backcountry backpack. Plus, there’s space for a mini tablet. Pack it up in landing mode to cut back on set-up and take down time!

  • Flexible dividers securely house DJI Inspire or Inspire II, transmitter, up to 6 extra batteries, mini tablet and other essentials
  • Top-loading custom hangar compartment engineered specifically for Inspire I & II
  • Exterior neoprene motor socks for added protection
  • Targeted lightweight protection. Compression-molded FormShell™ technology protects gear from impact without added weight or bulk
  • Dedicated prop storage pockets protected by FormShell™ panel
  • FormShell™ molded top pocket offers easy access to sunglasses, headphones and other essentials
  • CradleFit™ pocket suspends and protects mini tablet
  • ActivZone™ balanced comfort system delivers ergonomic support and ventilation
  • Adjustable shoulder, chest and waist straps keep you comfortable
  • Lightweight stretch side pockets provide quick access to water bottles and other small items
  • Constructed from premium, durable material to protect against abrasion
  • Patented, built-in All Weather AW Cover™ protects bag and exposed drone arms from rain, dust and sand