Dear end-user,

We are sorry to hear about your defect product and are here to help. There is no need to deliver your product to your dealer. We can offer you an easy and the quickest way of solving the problem with your DJI product. After reading this page it only takes a few minutes to register your product and get it ready for shipment to DJI. DJI will provide you with a free shipping label and you can get your replaced or repaired product directly back to your home address after a few days. All you need is a PC with internet, a printer for the label and ca 10-15 minutes of your time. You can do the online registering from your home PC or together with (some help from) your dealer.

Please follow the step-by-step guidelines below.

1) Prepare the product registration at DJI with:

  1. Product-SN of all involved components. (*)
  2. Proof of purchase (NB. valid for DOA within 14 days, Warranty within 2 years, Batteries within 1 year)
  3. Put a JPG or PDF-copy of your proof of purchase in a folder on your PC, ready for uploading
  4. Pictures/video/screenshots etc. illustrating the problem (optional)
  5. A fault-description in English
  6. If the product is activated: your DJI account login (username or mail-address + password)
  7. If it is a drone, sync the fly-log-data in the App (**)


2) Register your defect product online. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to > Support > Repair Services > Online Repair Request. (***)
  2. Log into your DJI account with your username/mail-address and password, you land
  3. On the ‘Online Repair Request’ site, click the blue button SUBMIT A REPAIR REQUEST.
  4. In a new pop-up-window choose Service Area 2- Europe and Your Country – click SUBMIT.
  5. Now you land on the site where you can choose your product. For your conveniency, you can choose from the list of your products which already are activated by you and bound to your DJI account.

If your product is not in this list, choose by model or SN.

  1. Follow the instructions and the process of the registration. 
  2. NB. Choose ‘Replacement’ if it is a DOA – choose ‘Repair’ in Warranty or Out-of-Warranty cases.

3) Filling out and finishing the online registration successfully will create a mail confirmation to your mail.

This DJI confirmation mail is containing a CAS-nr, a return address and further instructions for shipping. In most accepted DOA and Warranty cases DJI will send you a link to a free UPS shipping label. (****)

4) If there is no link to a free shipping label and DJI did not notify you with a reason.

Forward your confirmation mail to and ask for a free shipping label from DJI. Add “Shipping-Label for (your) CAS-nr.” into the subject line of the mail.
In the mail write clearly your pick-up address and (only if different) your shipping return address.

5) Prepare the shipping to DJI support

  1. Pack the defect product into bubble-plastic and use a smallest possible box.
  2. Add a paper-copy of the confirmation mail into the package
  3. Write clearly the CAS-nr. outside the package – otherwise DJI will reject it and send it back.
  4. Print and attach the label to the package
  5. Contact UPS to pick up your package
  6. Always notify – or take snapshot of the UPS Track&Trace-nr. and get a proof of delivery (just in case)

6) For status on repair after DJI has received the product, please follow this link: and put in your DJI CAS-Nr.

7) DJI and UPS will notify you by mail when the replaced / repaired product is on the way back to you.